I like Francis Sopper’s comments…

I like Francis Sopper’s comments in a recent email about metacognition. I first learned of Francis’ work at Open Book Learning when the CEO of David Allen Co (author of Getting Things Done, David Allen’s consulting company) mentioned that they have all their clients complete Francis’ cognitive preference survey.

“In the early 1980’s, I was in a place where my social network included people taking a close look at how humans acquired and transferred information. As a result, I learned to observe my own cognitive functioning at work. We call it metacognition: thinking about our own thinking.

Here’s how to metacognitate:
Practice becoming aware of your focus drifting as close the point of change point as possible.
Note what has your attention now
Log the new target or your attention and look for patterns
Evaluate whether or not the shift of attention was beneficial
Note the natural duration of your period of focus before it drifts
Practice cycling from focus to diversion in a conscious way
Practice making the diversion one that reinforces your purpose rather than simply distracts from it.

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Francis Sopper
President & CEO at OpenBook Learning, Inc.